Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Lab

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The works of Prof. Ranjit Biswas's research group are based upon the theme of developing a molecular level understanding of the structure and dynamics of various complex media and their relationship to simple chemical events occurring in them. An integrated approach, based on experiment, simulation, and theory have been adopted for this.

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  Experimental Studies involving      
  1. Multi-component Deep Eutectics.                                                                   
  2. Binary and Ternary Solvent Mixtures.                                        

  3. Confined Environments and confinement. 
  4. Bioprotectant Mixtures.      
  5. Supercritical Fluids. 
  6. Polymeric Systems.

   Theoretical and Computer Simulation Studies on      
   1. Ionic Liquids.
   2. Non-polar Bulk Media.
   3. Dielectric Relaxation and Diffusion in
Multi-component Mixtures.
   4. Structure and dynamics of asymmetric particles in bulk.
 5. Orientational Dynamics, H-bonding and Heterogeneity aspect of Multi-component Deep Eutectics. 
   6. Aqueous Binary Mixtures.
   7. Bioprotectant Mixtures.                                                                                                    

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