Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics Lab

// Current News \\


#Arnab Sil  joined our group as a project student, Technical Research Centre (July 2017).

#Tuhin Pradhan has joined SASTRA University, Thanjavur as Assistant Professor (June 2017)

#Snehasish joined to IIT-Patna as Assistant Professor (December 2016).

#Anuradha Das joined to Professor Thomas Feurar's group as Post-Doctoral Fellow (February 2017) in University of Bern.

#Suman Das joined to Professor Hue Sun-Chan's group as Post-Doctoral Fellow (December 2016) in University of Toronto.

#Congratulation to Anuradha Das and Sandipa Indra for their successful Thesis defence in 2016

#Kajal Kumbhakar joined our group with CSIR fellowship in August(2016)

#Welcome to Atanu Baksi to our group (January 2015).

# Ejaj, Juriti and Kausik joined to our group (August 2014).

# Tamisra submitted her Ph.D thesis (July 2014).

# Tuhin got the position of Assistant Professor at Vel Tech University, Chennai (February 2014).

# Hemant joined to IIT-Delhi as Assistant Professor (December 2013).

Snehasis joined to Professor James Hynes's group as Post-Doctoral Fellow (October 2013).

Biswajit joined to Professor Thomas Elsaesser's group as Post-Doc. (September 2013).

# Dr. Biswas was promoted to Professor from Associate Professor (July 2013).


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